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Dr. Attar,
By now you’ve probably heard that our family has moved to Cincinnati. I wanted to let you know how much we appreciated your care in Bedford.

Today was my first appointment with my new dentist (who we looked for as carefully as we did you). Dr, Kinlaw could not get over how great my teeth looked; she especially marveled at my crowns. She thought it was some of the prettiest, most natural work she’s ever seen. She was very impressed when I told her about how you had to create just one after my ¾ crown broke. We also talked about Nora some (she wasn’t there) and about the orthodontic plan to give her implants. I mentioned that you held an implant patent, and once again, she was impressed by the great care you gave me. She has not seen the night guard you crafted for me (she uses the full plate). I’m hoping she will soon change to what you made for me (if I need it), because it really works.

Thank you for giving us such good care. I wish you the best for your family and your practice.
Anne Brack

Dear Dr. Attar,
Thank you for doing such a good job. As much cursing and worrying as I did, I thanked God that I am able go to a dentist, and that my dentist was given the gifts of gentleness, and understanding (not to mention the sense of humor and great deal of patience). So thank you for making my “crowning” as easy as you did. I hope you cherish the gifts you were given, because I am sure your patients do as well.
L. Stoy

Dr. Attar and Staff,

Thank you for my naturally beautiful smile! Since completing my treatment with Dr. Attar, of Bedford Dental Arts, I have experienced increases in my confidence every year. I successfully moved from Massachusetts into my dream job in the national capital region during a time of sharp job competition. I have my dream job, there are many fun and interesting people, great things to do and entertaining places to visit. I wouldn't have had the confidence to build an exciting new life if had not come to you to solve my dental issues. One only gets one opportunity to make a good first impression. Now others see my confidence, my smile, and want to give me many opportunities.

I highly recommend, Dr. Attar, to those who need a fresh start in life. Every day I benefit from my confident smile because I positively influence those I see every day, especially in my job. Life is just so much more fun!

Deep thanks again and again for helping me realize the kind of life I've always dreamed of.

Enjoy the day every day!
Very respectfully,
Joan Fischer
Rosslyn, VA