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Dr. Attar is a co-founder of the OsseoLink Dental Implant System and has contributed to the design with several patent pending features that will provide excellence, simplicity and versatility to this system.

The OsseoLink Dental Implant System is manufactured in the US and is FDA approved for use in the US after it was approved for use in the European Union and has been in use throughout the world.

This system was designed by top notch clinicians, scientists and engineers, benefiting from the existing proven dental implant science and adding to it several breakthrough features that stand to serve our patients needs efficiently, economically and with excellence.



Bone level implant with our unique OctaCone® Quad connection 
•  Bevel ensures true "platform switch" for optimal soft 
   tissue and crestal bone health. 
•  Dual external thread geometry for optimized stress
   transfer to the surrounding bone. 
• Tapered cutting end for ease of placement and
   maximum implant stability. 
•  Innovative Osseo Bond® surface for maximum 
   bone-implant-contact (BIC). 
•  Quality manufacturing according to FDA, CE, and ISO 
   13485 standards. 


•  OctaCone® Quad connection with a self guiding feature for ease    of abutment seating. No need for radiographic verification of    abutment seating. 
•  One prosthetic platform across entire implant system. 
•  One prosthetic screw for all application. 
•  One laboratory analog. 
•  One impression transfer with dual pin options for open and    closed    tray technique. 
•  Self tapping cutting features of implant for ease of placement. 
•  Mountless surgical placement option for ease of placement and    improved access. 
• Reduced number of surgical and prosthetic components for    maximum efficiency and inventory management. 


• Surgical and prosthetic solutions for all clinical applications
• Prefabricated Ti abutments
- cemented single crowns
- cemented bridgework
• UCLA type implant level abutments (engaging and non-    engaging options) 
- Screw retained single crowns
- Screw retained bridgework
- Bar type restorations
- Custom abutment fabrication
• Zirconium abutments for highly demanding esthetic situations
• Over denture abutments
- Ball type abutments for retention of over dentures
• CAD-CAM custom abutment solutions - Ti-CAD Zr-CAD